Chris Bialkowski

Keep Sweet Pray and Obey Exploratory Stills



Netflix, Ark Media
Rachel Dretzin
Chris Bialkowski, Maria Fabrizio, Damian Atkinson, Sean Vickery, Nicole Cortese 

Archival Collage

Inspired by actual collages from FLDS family albums, we created these frames to showcase archival materials in the show.


Needing to communicate heavier content in the story, we pitched the idea of using illustration — allowing us to thoughtfully present sensitive material and convey emotions that would not otherwise be expressed in a traditional documentary archival format.

Video, Film, & Type

Inspired by the cheesiness of FLDS archival materials from this era, we explored some “low-fi” looks to present text and imagery.

Destruction Exploratory R1

These frames were part of a larger story demonstrating a religious belief about the impending end of Earth. Following the Apocalypse, families ascend into space and populate new worlds. Each FLDS family will populate a new world.

My biggest personal regret on this project was not seeing these sequences come to life–in this iteration or the next. We loved where these were headed.

Destruction Exploratory R2

As a revision to the previous concept, we explore a “stop-motion” take on the story.

A Storyboarded Idea

These storyboard frames detail a story of Warren Jeffs assuming power by kicking out his competition–men who didn’t 100% agree with his ascension into prophethood. This whole sequence never got past the story-development phase, but I still loved where it was going and would have loved to see it through.

In this sequence, Warren gathers his (formerly his father’s) flock into an auditorium and asks 21 men to stand up, claiming divine instruction. Then he tells these men they are all kicked out of the church and community–that they must leave without saying goodbye to their families. He then asks the remaining members to raise their hands in agreement with his actions. One by one, people overcome their emotions and submit to his authority.